Halloween is right around the corner! As a board gamer and a parent, this is also the worst time of year to go treasure hunting for rare games at Value Village (a popular Canadian thrift store chain). The other day, I brought my beautiful Beans to to the Village of Value, forgetting that a quarter of the store is currently devoted to costumes and accessories. Skeletons abound, Princess gowns sparkle at every corner, and of course, Pirates and their bountiful booty as far as the eye can see. The Halloween displays are brilliant, but also stressful, as the merchandisers manage to stack the costume racks even higher than normal, which makes a large portion of the store a corn maze if my imaginative offspring manages to wriggle free of my magnetic hands and watchful eye!

To read the remainder of our Bermuda Pirates review, head on over to the Daily Worker Placement, where it was originally published:

Little Thumbs Big Thumbs: Bermuda Pirates

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