Calico is a beautiful tile drafting and placement game for 1 to 4 players. Join us as we explore the game with both adults and children! Continue reading CALICO


Before we begin, let’s get one thing out of the way. “Holy Ship, We’re Sinking” is a genius tagline, and whoever wrote it should get a raise! Titanic: The Game is based on the 1997 feature film starring Leonardo DiCaprio … Continue reading TITANIC IN 500 WORDS


Before we begin with this article, I’d like to point out that Horrible Guild will be crowdfunding a new edition of Dungeon Fighter on September 29th! Visit the Horrible Guild website to learn more about this upcoming campaign, and how … Continue reading DUNGEON FIGHTER!

DRAGOMINO : Happy Hatching

“I GOT A BABY DRAGOOOOOOON!!!” Like a familiar fanatical cry of a football addict, my children have taken to loudly shouting the above phrase every time we play Dragomino from Blue Orange Games. What is this strange game that inspires my children to loudly boast about baby dragons? Let’s find out together! Marie and Wilfried Fort have a decade of children’s game design under their belt, including 2019’s Kinderspiel des Jahres winner, Valley of the Vikings. The pair partnered with industry veteran Bruno Cathala to create a child-friendly version of the award-winning Kingdomino, using that game’s tile drafting mechanic as … Continue reading DRAGOMINO : Happy Hatching

LITTLE THUMBS, BIG THUMBS : Champion of the Wild

Our Big Bean is currently 5 years old. Nearly every morning, she wakes up and announces that she will be hosting a party for all of her friends, family, and neighbours. If left unchecked, she will then step out onto our front porch and loudly invite all of our neighbours to the party! Little Bean loves a good shouting match, and is happy to join in with a hearty “HEY! HEY! COME TO OUR PARTY!” We’re very fortunate to have not received any neighbourhood complaints, and perhaps even more so that no one has answered the call for those 7am … Continue reading LITTLE THUMBS, BIG THUMBS : Champion of the Wild


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