5 Questions on Fossilis

Originally posted to the Daily Worker Placement on April 7th, 2021. One of our absolute favourite games to release in 2020 was Fossilis, published by Kids Table Board Gaming. It’s an utterly unique game about digging up the right combination of dinosaur bones to recreate their full skeletal composition. Players use plastic tweezers to literally pull … Continue reading 5 Questions on Fossilis

Seven Bridges

Do you like roll and write games? Yahtzee was probably the first, but now there are so many to choose from! Seven Bridges is a newer game in the genre, and it’s the subject of this video as Big Papa Thumbs flies solo. What is your favourite roll and write game? Let us know in … Continue reading Seven Bridges

Tuneful Mail Day

Each Tuesday on the Little Big Thumbs instagram account, we offer up a short “Tuneful Tuesday” video featuring one or more of us singing! In this video, we compile all of the Tuneful posts from February, and also explore some mail that just arrived. What pieces of mail are your favourite to find waiting for … Continue reading Tuneful Mail Day

Fossilis Review

Kids Table Board Gaming is one of our favourite game publishers. How does their latest release, Fossilis, stack up to their excellent previous games? Check out this video review to find out! Do you have a favourite dinosaur? Let us know in the YouTube comments! Continue reading Fossilis Review

WWE Game Showdown!

2020 was a banner year for WWE tabletop games! Over at the Little Big Thumbs YouTube channel, we took a look a three of these games, and picked our favourites. Check out the video here: Do you have a favourite wrestling-themed game? Let us know in the YouTube comments! Continue reading WWE Game Showdown!

3 Books We Want As Games!

Big Bean is a BIG reader. She burns through books quicker than anyone else in our home! So when we tossed out the idea of making a video about books she’d like to see become board games, she was ALL IN, and had a list ready within minutes! What books would YOU like to see … Continue reading 3 Books We Want As Games!


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