LITTLE THUMBS, BIG THUMBS : Champion of the Wild

Our Big Bean is currently 5 years old. Nearly every morning, she wakes up and announces that she will be hosting a party for all of her friends, family, and neighbours. If left unchecked, she will then step out onto our front porch and loudly invite all of our neighbours to the party! Little Bean loves a good shouting match, and is happy to join in with a hearty “HEY! HEY! COME TO OUR PARTY!” We’re very fortunate to have not received any neighbourhood complaints, and perhaps even more so that no one has answered the call for those 7am … Continue reading LITTLE THUMBS, BIG THUMBS : Champion of the Wild

Unmatch the Public Domain!

In the 15 years I’ve spent in the board gaming hobby, no game has had me more excited for its release than Unmatched: Battle of Legends. The game that inspired this title, Star Wars: Epic Duels, had been in my collection longer than I can remember. Although I was excited for Unmatched, my expectations were kept manageable, as many reimagined classics can easily lose the charm that made them so appealing to begin with. However, it only took two plays for me to realize that Epic Duels had been completely replaced. Not long after, the classic Star Wars dueling game … Continue reading Unmatch the Public Domain!


LITTLE THUMBS, BIG THUMBSReview : Pana Po’o ⚙️: Laura Carratala Navarro👯‍♂️: 3 or more players👨‍👨‍👧‍👦: Ages 8 and up⏱: 30-45 minutes At 5 years old, our Big Bean has become an expert reader. She can navigate age-appropriate books with relative ease, and those moments where she sneaks away to quietly read a story on her own makes my heart swell in a way I’ve rarely experienced! Continuing the tradition of artistic charades from games like Cranium and @northstargames’ Cluzzle, is Pana Po’o from @outsetmediagames! Replacing the paper, pencils and plasticine is an assortment of cardboard shapes in a variety of … Continue reading LITTLE THUMBS, BIG THUMBS : Pana Po’o


BIG THUMBS REVIEWWreck Raiders – Kids Table Board Gaming ⚙️: @joshcappel & @timwkbrown🎨 : @apollineart ⏰ : 45 mins👯‍♂️: 1 to 5 players👩‍👩‍👧‍👧: 10+ Mechanically, Wreck Raiders is a really good game. It might even be a really really good game! But what sets it apart from other games in its ballpark is the setting – treasure hunters diving to the bottom of the sea, in search of treasures, while also building an epic aquarium that even Ripley wouldn’t believe! Generally speaking, my partner (Mama Bird) doesn’t often enjoy games, and is quick to dismiss them. However, the artwork of … Continue reading BIG THUMBS REVIEW : Wreck Raiders


As a parent, I can’t help but giggle when I look at the title of this game. There’s absolutely no way to track the number of times I’ve had to say “PUT IT DOWN” … or “GIVE IT BACK” … or as is relevant to this article, “DROP IT”! Little hands operated by little brains can’t help but be tempted to pick up things they know they’re not supposed to. It’s a great way to win immediate attention, and I’m sure that a child was the inspiration for the phrase “there is no such thing as bad publicity”! Full article … Continue reading LITTLE THUMBS, BIG THUMBS : Drop It!


Flicking games are my jam. Whether it’s the classic Crokinole, the delightfully monstrous Terror in Meeple City, or the criminally underappreciated Ascending Empires, I’d be happy to play a great flicking game over just about anything else on my shelf. So when I heard that Pandasaurus Games was developing the first-ever “flick and write” game, it leaped to the top of my “must play” list! The name of the game is Sonora (1 to 4 players, 30-45 minutes), from designer Rob Newton and artist Tom Goyon. For the full article, head on over to the Daily Worker Placement: Digging Into … Continue reading DIGGING INTO DEXTERITY : Sonora


Before we even removed the lid from the box of Echidna Shuffle, Big Bean was asking “Daddy, what is an Echidna?” Truth be told, I hadn’t put much thought into it before that very moment, so we fired up a YouTube search, and were positively blown away by these spiky little puffballs. What did we learn? Echidnas are slow – comically, adorably slow. Toothless. One of only two egg-laying mammals. Male Echidnas wield a four-headed willy. The list of oddities goes on! For the full article, head over to the Daily Worker Placement, where it was originally published: Little Thumbs: … Continue reading LITTLE THUMBS, BIG THUMBS : Echidna Shuffle