BIG THUMBS REVIEWWreck Raiders – Kids Table Board Gaming ⚙️: @joshcappel & @timwkbrown🎨 : @apollineart ⏰ : 45 mins👯‍♂️: 1 to 5 players👩‍👩‍👧‍👧: 10+ Mechanically, Wreck Raiders is a really good game. It might even be a really really good game! But what sets it apart from other games in its ballpark is the setting – treasure hunters diving to the bottom of the sea, in search of treasures, while also building an epic aquarium that even Ripley wouldn’t believe! Generally speaking, my partner (Mama Bird) doesn’t often enjoy games, and is quick to dismiss them. However, the artwork of … Continue reading BIG THUMBS REVIEW : Wreck Raiders