DIGGING INTO DEXTERITY : Tinderblox / Kittens

“Daddy, I made a cat sculpture!”

The components of Kittin (an upcoming title from Alley Cat Games) had just been dumped on the table, and I was reading the first paragraph of the rules. Before I had digested any information, my 4 year old had figured out the core concept of the game – stack the kitten meeples into fun arrangements! Rather than continue reading, we flipped over the first card of the included deck, and upon seeing the goal, my Big Bean constructed it within a few seconds. We repeated this act a few more times, and suddenly our table was a museum of colourful kitten contraptions! Big Bean’s younger sister saw what was happening, and quickly started putting together her own creative cat puzzles, and everyone was smiles and giggles.

To read the rest of this Digging Into Dexterity article, head on over to the Daily Worker Placement, where it was originally published:

DIGGING INTO DEXTERITY: Tinderblox and Kittins

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